Roadside Assistance

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Membership Benefits

Our Roadside Assistance membership allows you to drive with the security that help is available any time of the day or night, Australia-wide.

Please refer to full Terms & Conditions for more information.

Flat or Faulty Battery Service

If you find yourself immobilised with a battery problem, we will attend to your vehicle, test the battery for performance and jump start the flat battery or coordinate a battery replacement All costs associated with a replacement battery (such as supply and delivery) will be your responsibility.

Emergency Fuel

If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we will deliver sufficient petrol or diesel for the vehicle to travel to the nearest available re-fueling facility. In the case of LPG fuelled vehicles, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest re-fuelling facility, subject to the towing limits set out below. The delivery and cost of fuel is provided where an emergency refuel occurs within a capital city or major regional town. However, all costs incurred for a callout outside these areas are your responsibility.

In the event a mis-fuelling incident occurs, we will coordinate towing at your expense.

Flat tyres

If you find yourself with a flat tyre, we will change it with the vehicles serviceable spare wheel. Should additional services be required beyond this due to multiple flat tyres, the spare tyre being unserviceable, replacement wheel studs/nuts not being available or locking wheel nut key not available, towing is provided up to the towing limits specified below.


Standard membership

If the vehicle cannot be mobilised at the breakdown location and/or requires electronic diagnosis, we will deliver your vehicle to your preferred repairer, up to a limit of 20kms from the breakdown location in metropolitan locations, or up to a limit of 50kms in regional and remote locations. All costs of towing above these limits, including subsequent tows, are your responsibility. Please note that this benefit does not apply if your vehicle has been fitted with a body that requires heavy haulage towing due to height, width or length. In those circumstances, we will coordinate towing for the vehicle, but all costs will be your responsibility.

Platinum membership

Increased towing limits of up to 100km from the breakdown location in metropolitan locations, and 200km from the breakdown location in regional and remote locations.

Replacement for Lost or Locked Keys

Standard membership

If you lose your keys or lock them in your vehicle, we will provide all reasonable assistance (subject to proof of ownership shown) to:

  • locate and deliver a spare key, or
  • arrange for the driver to retrieve the spare key, if this is more practical, or
  • gain access to your vehicle (once a consent and indemnity form has been signed by you).

We will not be responsible for any damage incurred, or for any repair costs that result from gaining access to the vehicle or moving the vehicle while it is locked. In all other situations where the key is not available, we will arrange to transport the vehicle to your preferred repairer, where the appropriate entry methods may be used. A limit of $150 (inc GST) applies to this benefit. All additional costs are your responsibility.

Platinum membership

An increased benefit limit of $200 (inc GST) applies to this benefit per incident.

Accident Coordination

Following an accident, we will coordinate towing arrangements and will also provide advice on accident procedures. If required, we will coordinate alternative transport to enable you to continue your journey. All accident towing and alternative transport costs are your responsibility. (Note that these costs, subject to the payment of any excess, may be recoverable from your insurance company under an appropriate insurance policy)

Emergency Message Relay

Following a breakdown or accident, we will relay urgent messages to your family, friends or business associates likely to be affected or concerned by the disruption or delay.


If your vehicle cannot be mobilised due to a breakdown and must be transported to a repairer, we will provide one taxi ride per incident, to a maximum value of $100 (inc GST) per incident so you and your passengers can continue your journey to the nearest town or within the same city where the breakdown occurred.

Emergency Travel Benefits

Platinum membership only

If you have a breakdown when you are more than 100km from home and your vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day, the following emergency travel benefits, up to a total combined benefit of $2000 (inc GST) will apply under the Allianz Roadside Assistance Platinum Plan as set out below. You can choose the combination of benefits you use, up to the total combined limit of $2000 (inc GST) until your vehicle is repaired.

Rental Vehicle

We will provide a rental vehicle for up to ten days (10) to a limit of $99 (inc GST) per day. Any amount charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost. You will be responsible for all fuel costs, excess kilometre charges, traffic infringements, relocation fees, any damage and any excess or insurance waivers on the rental vehicle.


We will provide up to ten nights’ (10) accommodation up to the value of $150 (inc GST) per night (room cost only) should you decide to remain with your vehicle while it is repaired locally, or if alternative transport is unavailable. Any amounts charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost. This benefit will stop once your vehicle has been repaired.

Vehicle Relocation

We will deliver your repaired vehicle to your home or intended destination up to a maximum value of $1000 (inc GST). Alternatively, return transport will be provided to enable the driver to pick up the repaired vehicle.

Alternative Transportation

We will transport you and up to four of your passengers to your home or to your intended destination up to a maximum of $2000 (inc GST) per incident, should hotel accommodation or a rental vehicle be unavailable.